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10 years in the books

Jason and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary yesterday. Well, actually we plan to celebrate today as we couldn’t get a sitter yesterday, but either way, it marks 10 years of being married. Married to my best friend, a man with the patience of Job, who has taught me so much about what it means to be giving and kind and quiet (at times) and selfless. I would love to take credit for our story, but God chose us for each other, to compliment the gifts one had with the other. He planned this union and this life for us and I think He’s doing a pretty amazing job.

Now on to the title of my blog, I think it might be a little misleading. It should read “Trying to be a Fit Mom Life”, as I am still on my path to fitness, haven’t reached it yet. When I started working out, I would look at other women who had the bodies I was aspiring towards, or who were running as fast as I wanted to be running and I thought ‘I wish I had that natural ability to run too, or those naturally fit features’. Well, here’s a little secret I’ve learned in my past year of committing myself to fitness…those women WORK FOR IT. When I started running, I was doing about 11 min miles and could only make it 1 mile. I slowly built the mileage by adding a half mile per week to my short runs and a mile per week to my long Saturday run. I started running 6 weeks after I had my third child, who was born via C-section. It was hard. I was in pain, couldn’t breathe, and wanted to quit most of those first miles. But then something great started happening, I started getting faster. This made me feel more fit, even though my version of faster was still only a sub 10 minute mile pace. I ran a half marathon and then continued running, then ran another half marathon, and now, (just a couple months shy of when I started this journey), my goals are sub 9 minute miles. But I didn’t get here by not putting in the sweat and pain and hunger (Oh the hunger!). My point to all this is that I don’t want any women to covet my body, like I once coveted others. Instead, I want you to join me!  I don’t want anyone looking at me running now and thinking, I can’t do that, I’m not naturally a runner. Everything about this journey to fitness has gone against my natural instincts, but a beautiful thing happended along the way, my natural instincts changed. I now want to work out, I don’t really enjoy my rest days as much. I feel better, more balanced when I’ve had a good workout. I find I’m a little happier, more patient, which makes me a better mom and wife.

Another fascinating change are my food habits. I eat things now that my mom cannot believe are on my platter. I’ve never been much of a vegetable girl, but if you want your stomach to shrink, you have to lay off the processed foods, sugars, carbs and load up on the veggies. I still struggle with food choices, but fitness is a lifestyle. I won’t reach my goal weight/size and then be able to just eat whatever I want. I will have to make good choices for the rest of my life to maintain fitness. That’s right, I said for the rest of my life. When I’m sitting in eternity with my Savior and in the presence of my Father, then I won’t have to consider what I eat. But for now, I am the head housekeeper of this temple and am in charge of maintaining it in a way that meet the standards of the one that built it for me.  I’ll share in a future post some of my food changes/choices.

I pray that this post will resonate with at least one person that reads it and inspire them to do some spring cleaning to their temple, God Bless!


Welcome to My New Blog

I’ve recently felt a prompting to start a blog. Let’s face it, I’ve always loved to talk, so why wouldn’t I want to continue the conversation in my head and put it into print. This blog will hopefully detail my life as a daughter of the Creator, a wife, mother, friend, and witness.

My latest passion has been fitness and NEVER did I think those words would be coming from me. Jason (the hubs) is a fit guy, always has been, has always had a passion for working out, especially running. It took 10 years, but finally that part of him wore off on me. I started running after I had my daughter in June 2011 in order to get back in shape. I went to my 6 week post baby check up, got the all clear and went for a run the next day. I made it about a 1/2 mile and thought all the oxygen had left the earth. I continued to run 3 days a week and slowly worked my way up to a very slow mile. Boy was I proud when I finally hit that mile mark! I then decided that I needed a goal in order to stay committed to my new workouts, so I signed myself up for a half marathon. I enlisted the help of a friend who was also new to running to join me in this journey and we set off training. We completed our first half marathon in November 2011, my daughter was 5 months old. During this time, I was also able to lose the extra baby weight pounds and a few additional with the help of myfitnesspal and some calorie restriction. I had dropped about 15 lbs and was feeling pretty good about myself. During all this time, my husband and his friends decided to train for a full Ironman, so working out at our home was as common as breathing.  They started their training in January and will complete Ironman Louisville in August 2012.

With motivation from my hubs, I took up swimming and biking as some alternative ways to workout, other than just running 5 days/week. We went to our gym and he taught me the basics of the freestyle stroke, it took me months to feel comfortable in the water, but it did finally happen and now I swim for about an hour twice a week.

Once working out got into my blood (and it took a solid 8-9 months for it to do so), I then needed to turn my focus to food. Food, glorious, food, can’t live without it, yet can’t live to eat it. Our motto at home when we’re feeling snacky (aka junk food, as in I want a twinkie, wrapped around a ding-dong, in a chocolate chip cookie sandwich) is: Food is fuel. It’s that simple, food was made by God to be enjoyed (look at all the delicious things He made!), but it was never meant to be a source of overendulgence. I needed to lose weight and get my diet in check because it was a barrier between me and Him.

So, my plan for future posts is to share what I eat, my workouts, my faith, my struggles, my life with anyone wanting to read along.

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