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I married an amazing man. He far exceeds every thought and notion of what I was looking for in a husband. God wrapped a shield of protection around this man throughout his life and extended that shield to our marriage. I am blessed by each day I get to spend with him and will be devastated if our Father calls him home anytime soon. Jason took family commitment to a whole other level. He had been working as an ER nurse when the opportunity came for a management position. He took it willingly and eagerly and poured himself into that job and those people. We soon found that management in nursing = very long work hours and little time for family. Our second son, Sam, was born during this time, so though he gained great career satisfaction from this position, he made the very difficult decision to leave it in order to find a better work/life balance. After a sabbatical from the working world (and a move from the southside of Indy to the northside), he was again offered another management position in nursing. It was at the same hospital system, but a different position. We prayed over this opportunity and he felt it was something he should do. Due to our move though, this now came with a 45 minute commute to and from work. He again poured himself into this job, working the long hours, doing the commute and excelling at it all. We thought this time he could somehow morph the culture of this hospital system into having more  work/life balance. We found this was not to be and he again made a very difficult decision to leave this job. We were pregnant with our third and decided it best if he just took this time as a break. That break has lasted almost 2 years now and it’s fantastic, the reward has been immeasurable. I have been able to continue to work from home with my job, so now our kids have both parents at home. (I don’t think we would have chosen this if I was not able to work from home as I wouldn’t be able to parent best if I worked full-time outside the home.)

Our friends now get it that Jason is a stay at home dad. He is not between jobs, he is not waiting for the right opportunity, he is not unemployed in the traditional sense. He has chosen his family, his kids and he is weird for it.  Not many men will choose their family over their career path and he did and that makes him an anomaly. He sacrificed furthering his education (getting an MBA) and his career in order to make peanut butter sandwiches, change diapers and have water balloon fights. He had my heart long before we had kids, but when I see him in action as the dad he is today, I am over the moon for this man.

And yet despite all these glowing things about him, he still pales in comparison to my Father. That’s right, capitalized Father, meaning my creator. Matthew 23:9 says, “And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.” On this Father’s Day I am most thankful to my one and only Father. He not only never lets me down, but he raises me up. He made some amazing spectacles in this world and then also bothered to make me as I am, knitting me together in my mother’s womb with the perfection that only he has.

On this Father’s Day, I appreciate my husband as being a beyond great dad, but give all praise and glory to my Father in heaven. If you do not know Him, then you are missing out on a parenting relationship that will NEVER let you down. Happy Father’s Day, God, I love you!


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