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The road to 26.2


These are my running shoes and I love them. Jason got them for me for Christmas this past year. Actually, he got me a different pair that didn’t fit well and we took those back and together found this pair that I adore. I was a bit intimidated by the color at first, felt like I really needed to live up to being as fast and fit as I felt these shoes looked. I’ve run over 200 miles in them in the past 6 months and may need to retire them in order to get a new pair. My plan is to shop online to find the exact same pair since I know they fit well. I’m hoping maybe Mizuno will have discontinued them so I can get a good deal, but not hoping too hard because then I may not be able to find them.

I’d love to be able to inspire someone (anyone) to take control of their health.  Working out is not about being skinny, at least not for me. There’s a quote on Pinterest that says something to the effect of “fit is the new skinny”. (Which by the way, if I spent as much time working out as I do looking at the fitness tab on Pinterest, I would be closer to my goal!)  Being overweight or just unhealthy doesn’t feel good physically or emotionally. Once you take the first step (figuratively and literally) towards changing your lifestyle, you WILL start to feel better. Now, you will not feel good the first mile you run (or walk), but when you’re done, you might as well have climbed Everest!

It was in August of 2011 that I started running consistently. That’s less than a year ago, which means my path to fitness is newly paved. I run with my iphone and use an app called Endomondo. It tells me when I’ve hit each mile, my pace and my overall time. Since I’ve used it fairly exclusively, I can look back and see that I have run approximately 390 miles in the past year. What’s crazy is that I will start my marathon training next week and in my 18 week training program, I will run 392 training miles. THAT’S RIDONKULOUS! I’m going to equal a years worth of mileage in 4.5 months. As crazy as it sounds and as hard as it will be, I’m excited.

I will be doing the Monumental Marathon ( on November 3rd. I’m using a Hal Higdon training program (, the Novice 2. Why not do the Novice 1 since it is less aggressive? I don’t know, maybe because I drank the fitness kool-aid and left my marbles on the side of the monon 200+ miles ago. The training program calls for 4 days of running, 1 cross training day and 2 rest days. I plan to modify that slightly as I’m only going to run 3 days (Tu, Th and Sa or Su) and then will do 2 cross training days. Why the modification? Because 4 days of running will burn me out on running and I don’t want that because I truly enjoy my time out there. The beauty of this being my first marathon is that I will set a PR (personal record) no matter what! I’m not setting a goal time for this race though. My goal is to run the whole 26.2 miles, remain injury free during my training (and the race), and cross that finish line feeling good.

I ran the Monumental Half-Marathon last year and, at that time, I had no desire to run a full. I think most people know that old quote, ‘the trouble with life is that it’s so daily.’ Well, that’s what started to happen with my workouts. I was getting bored, I needed a new goal, something to mix it up a bit, challenge my body and mind. Starting next Monday, the challenge begins. My Mizunos and I will be ready!


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2 thoughts on “The road to 26.2

  1. kari kuebler on said:

    Not kidding when I say I thought this was so inspiring I almost got my sleep deprived self out of bed to go run! How old was mia when you started? I love reading this by the way! We need to hang out soon! This reminds me of why I loved living with you.

    • Thanks! She was 6 weeks old when I went on my first run. I waited until I went back to the OB and was cleared for all activities (having had a C-section). It was a really great way to get in shape post baby. I will be messaging you about getting together because I agree, we need to hang out!

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