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Week 1…done!

Week 1 of marathon training is done, yippee! It was a good week, got in some early morning runs in order to beat the heat.


Will have to get more creative with my pictures as the weeks go on as I don’t have 18 fingers, maybe I’ll get the kids involved. Had the hubs take this pic on day 1 before I headed out for a 3 mile run. I bought this shirt last year on clearance, (it’s actually a triathlon shirt) had to take the tags off before I headed out. I wanted to try it out on a short run before I wore it for any distance to make sure nothing rubbed, scratched, itched where it shouldn’t. Fortunately, it is quite a comfortable shirt and I just wore it again for my 8 miler. I highly recommend wearing all new clothing on short runs first to make sure they fit well before you go any distance in them. You may notice that the outfit is all spandex too. This is not because I have a tremendously high confidence level and like to strut my stuff.  Rather, it’s because I found the beauty of spandex, in that it stays where you put it.  Translation: my shorts don’t ride up and my shirt won’t rub my armpits raw (that’s the ladylike way of saying it).


That’s right, I posted my weight. I’m not afraid, embarrassed or ashamed of it. I fought with poor self-confidence for most of my life, until I found my confidence in Christ. What an encourager he is to me! I weighed myself after my first run on day 1 of training and this was the result. (Check out those bulging veins in my  feet, YIKES). On a 3 mile run, I lost about 1.5 lbs of water weight, not good. I’m still struggling to take in water on my runs. I have a handheld water bottle that holds 10 oz and I managed to drink 1 oz on my 5 mile run and 2 oz on my 8 miler. I’m trying to take a sip each mile, but apparently my sips are like that of a baby squirrel. Luckily I’ve got the next 17 weeks to work on this!

The exciting news of the week is that Jason found my shoes (my fabulous yellow and blue Mizunos) on-line and bought me a new pair! I’ve entered into a shoe monogamy (a shonogamy as I like to call it) with these shoes and they will be the pair seeing me through this marathon.

Well, that’s week one in a nutshell. I’ll post this weeks runs/workouts below in case you’re really interested in this process. Hope everyone is out there finding their own fitness goals!

Monday: 3 miles in 27:42

Tuesday: 5 miles in 46:22

Wednesday: 13 mile bike in 50:00 (this was supposed to be a rest day, but I snuck in a bike)

Thursday: 3 miles in 26:55

Friday: 1200 meter swim & then a 30 min upper body workout

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: 8 miles in 1:15:09


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