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Week 3: fear drowning

Week 3 started out tough. My first couple runs of the week were yuckity, stink and blah.  I don’t like to stop on a all…ever. I want my mileage and time to reflect the actual time I spent running. Well, week 3 taught me that pride has no place in this house.  I stopped on half my runs this week and was so deflated.  However, the time of day I had available was mid-day (lunch-hour), so it was hot-smokin-hot.  It was so hot that I just could not get cooled down and my head started pounding, so I wimped out and stopped, it happens.

I run using the endomondo app and the hubs discovered he can track where I’m at on my run, both my time and physical location. He uses this to then send me texts with words of encouragement (and they truly are)! During one of my rest breaks on my last long run (yes I said breaks, there was more than one), the hubs text me to give some encouragement. On this particular run, it was 90+ degrees and he was worried about me, so he checked in via text. I attempted to text him back while still keeping my phone in my arm band (which I wear on my right arm). It came out a bit jibberish and his response was asking if I’d had a stroke. My reply text was again confusing to him, so he called me. He was positive, affirming and encouraged me to focus on some other more important things.  Yes, I was listening to my body and yes, I did still run all the mileage. But, I was wiped out mentally and physically and week 3 became just something to get through. I was also battling a cold which was clogging my nose and causing some very poor sleep. Down time was slim as it was Adventure Week (VBS) at our church, so I was spending my evenings chillin with my group of 4 year olds. I’m not complaining about my cold, my poor runs, or volunteering at church (though I admit it sure sounds like I am). I’m just saying it was the culmination of these events together that led to a very difficult training week for me.

There was victory at the end of this week though. My last short run of the week was fantastic! I felt good, went fast (well, fast for me) and was just so encouraged by finally having a good run. And then there was the successful completion of my first triathlon.  My long run this weekend for my marathon training was supposed to be 6 miles, I instead opted to do a Sprint Triathlon at Eagle Creek Park. Hubs and I got all 3 kids up at 6am (they got a treat of donuts in the car on the way there) and packed up the family. My hubs has done quite a few of these, so the man knew some excellent tips/hints and imparted his wisdom to me. I found myself, more than once, thinking ‘WOW, that is exactly what he said would happen!’ So, questions # 1, ‘how did I do?’ Well, time wise, I don’t know as I didn’t get a chance to view my results before we left.  Question # 2, ‘would you do it again?’  Absolutely! This was getting the experience in to see if I had an interest in multisport and I think I might, it’s very challenging. I have swam, biked and ran, but never all 3 back to back to back. This was my first OWS (open water swim) and it was tough for me. I was towards the back of the pack and kept running into people. It’s difficult to swim, sight and dodge all at the same time, I started out freestyling, but very quickly resorted to breast stroke (wanh, wanh).  I couldn’t get around a couple swimmers in front of me unless I switched to breast stroke and then once I was past them, then I could see how very far I was from the first buoy. That’s when I invited in a sliver of panic, looking around there were plenty of people and lifeguards, but I started to let that ugly fear take over. I kept swimming and started praying, prayed for God to have the Holy Spirit take back residence over my body and let the fear drown. As, always, God prevailed and he was faithful to me, eradicating fear from the rest of my swim. The bike went well, more hills than what I typically ride, witnessed a nasty wreck, some definite prayers went up for that cyclist. Then on to the run where after mile 1, I found my happy pace and was able to just enjoy it. I finished with a smile on my face and not as out of breath as I probably should have been (next time I need to push it a little harder). I did try to get my finish time as they post results on a print out at the event, but there was a line and I was trying to read over peoples shoulders, but I am 5’3″ and there aren’t many shoulders I can peer over. Also, I couldn’t really read the tiny print at the distance I was standing and my kids were d-o-n-e done, so we needed to get home. They will have results online at some point, so I can look it up later. No matter the time, I completed it and that was the goal. I would like to try it again, but likely not this year.  The focus now will be on the hubs Ironman in August and then my marathon in November.

Posted a couple pics of the event, me with my kids and then with some friends who also participated.

As per my usual, here is my week in review:

Monday: 3 miles in 29:11

Tuesday: 5 miles in 48:09

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3 miles in 26:26

Friday: 30 minute swim

Saturday: Sprint Triathlon (500 meter swim, 10 mile bike, 3 mile run) – WOO HOO (that’s right, I’m a woo hoo girl when the time is appropriate)

Sunday: Rest


UPDATE: Got my results for the Tri. I finished 339 out of 508.  I was 13th in my age group (I think my age group had around 20ish). My swim was 14:32.7, bike 35:24.1 (16.9 mph avg), run was 26:31 (8:50 avg). Overall finish time was 1:20:54.0. I have a lot of room for improvement in all 3 areas (my run was my strongest event and felt really good, which is very encouraging considering my main goal is a marathon).


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  1. Sara Wingate on said:

    Woo Hoo! Way to go!

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