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Week 5: The Olympics

The Olympics are exhausting! We have been soaking them up at our house which has meant a lot of late nights. Prior to the Olympics, we went to bed between 10-10:30pm and I got up at 6:30am, a nice solid 8 hours of sleep. During the Olympics, we go to bed between 11:30p-12:00am and I’ve been getting up at 5:30-6:00am, a solid 5-6 hours sleep…BIG DIFFERENCE! Hubs and I DVR’d the Olympic coverage, so after we put the kids to bed, we cuddle up on the couch and let the games begin. Favorite events to watch so far have been swimming, women’s gymnastics, and women’s beach volleyball. Our TV hasn’t been on much this summer (except for morning cartoons), but it’s the Olympics, the culmination of these athletes years of practice and devotion to their chosen sport.  How can you not watch?!?  So, how does training for a marathon relate to watching hours of Olympics…um, it doesn’t really, it just happens to be what’s on this weeks schedule.

We also hosted 2 young ladies for the past week that work with Springhill Day Camp, Natalie and Emily. Here’s a pic of them on their last morning with us (this is actually from their stay in June).

They stayed with us for the first week of camp in June and then returned again this past week. The boys really enjoyed having them around (Mia slept through most of their stay). They work so hard at camp they had little time with our family, but still, our boys grew pretty sweet them. Even Sammy, our little shy guy, insisted on telling them goodnight every night and was so excited he woke up in time to see them in the morning. It’s pretty sweet watching your kids bond with their fellow Christian brothers/sisters.  Our oldest son, Lewis, went to this day camp at our church for the first time last year and he really enjoyed it. This year he was on the waitlist because his momma waited too late to register him (whoopsie!). Thankfully he got a spot and got to enjoy this past week at camp. So our home was filled with 2 extra bodies that slid in/out as their schedule allowed. Sometimes I get on a house kick where I really want a larger home. My wish list is a basement, 5th bedroom, office, large yard (to one day hold a pool), and a 3 car garage. Hubs and I would frequently talk about how much we could open our home up to people if we just had more space. Well this past year we have hosted 3 boys, and 2 girls (twice) because instead of waiting to serve, we just listened to the Holy Spirit. He called us to serve with what we have now. The kids we hosted shared a room and one had to sleep on a cot, but they seemed no worse for the wear.  I’ve been struck each time guests leave at how large and empty our home feels. Here I have a wish list of all this additional space, but when we fill the space we have and then empty it out, my wish list is inconsequential.  Our home returns to its normal level of chaos of a family of 5 and it feels huge. It’s really taught me to not wait until we have what I think we need and to just live with what you have been given.

I did adjust my running schedule a bit this week as I took an extra rest day. My current schedule has me doing my long run on Sunday. That means that I then also run the following 2 days after a long run and hubs looked at that and thought it was crazy, so he recommend I skip the Monday short run for the next month until after his Ironman. Once his Ironman is complete, then I’ll be able to run on Saturday mornings, so Sunday can be a rest day and the schedule can resume. The good thing about skipping a run and adding a rest day is that my other runs were really good. I had a great pace, much lower times than the previous week, so it always feels good to feel faster. He’s doing Tri Indy downtown on Sunday, which means Saturday was a rest day for him so I got to run on Saturday morning. I called him at mile 6 and asked if he’d pack up the kids and meet me at the Farmers Market. Being that superdad that he is (the man really should be allowed to wear a cape and not be mocked), he fed them french toast and met me just as I finished my 12 mile run.  Now we have fresh veggies for the week, yipee!

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 6 miles in 55:19

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3 miles in 26:52

Friday: 10 minute warm up on row machine, then 30 minutes upper body weights

Saturday: 12 miles in 1 hour 57 minutes

Sunday: Rest


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