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Week 6: Call me a runner

I’ve found that in the past year of fueling my running spirit that I’ve shied away from being called a runner. You get either the upbeat “Wow, you’re a runner” or the disdain of ‘’re a runner’ (as in…you’re one of thooose).  I haven’t called myself a runner as to me it always indicated that I excelled at running. Well, the lightbulb came on and the epiphany was undeniable (this all happened during a run,  of course). I am a runner. I run 3-4 days/week and I look forward to my runs. I am not fast, there are no 6, 7, or even 8 minute miles in my Endomondo history, but it’s not the speed that makes you a runner. I am a mom because I have 3 kids. If I’m not a good mom, it still doesn’t take away my title of mom. The same goes for running, just because I don’t excel at it with super fast times and 1st place finishes, it doesn’t take my title away. I put the miles in and I enjoy doing it (hence the marathon).  I will no longer be ashamed of my run times. I will proudly proclaim that I AM A RUNNER.

Ok, now that we have that established, my other Ah-ha moment of the week came as I was thinking about my fitness goals. Having a goal (ie a marathon for me right now) is critical in fitness. If you don’t pick something to work towards and then a means to get there (a plan), you can easily skip a workout or slip on eating well. The goal gives you necessary focus and the plan gives you structure.  There’s no thinking about, will I run, or bike, or walk, or crossfit (which I’ve never actually done of these yet), or elliptical or do weights, or do nothing, your plan is made, all you have to do is show up.  So, I realized one of my overall goals (there are many) is for my thighs to no longer touch. This shares a level of body image that may not be comfortable for some, but I will be nothing if not honest. My thighs are the thicker part of my body. We each have our trouble spots, which will be the last to tone and my thighs are nothing but trouble. As I am trying to lean out and convince fat to exit and muscle to build, my thighs are getting farther apart. Hello Awesomeness!

I did my long run this week with a friend. I typically run solo and don’t mind it. I enjoy the time to myself to listen to music, pray, and just be outside soaking up the sun. However, this week I was joined by a friend and it was nice to mix it up and have some company.  Prior to heading out I had to ask the hubs about some running-with-a-friend etiquette. Do you listen to music?  If so, in both ears, or just one? Do you talk? Who sets the pace? All those silly questions were answered as we headed out and just ran. If you are a new runner and lack motivation, I highly recommend getting a training buddy. It gives you accountability and someone to motivate you when you just don’t feel like going. Hopefully my friend will join me again on another run, or I may get blacklisted as the runner girl who ran with one Yurbud in and the other out and talked too much.

My week in review…

Monday: 3 miles in 26:18

Tuesday: 6 miles in 55:40

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3 miles in 26:35

Friday: 30 minute spin, then 20-30 minutes upper body weights

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 9 miles in 1 hour, 25 minutes

Next week my mileage bumps up with my short runs being 4 miles and the intermediate run being 7. I’m trying to do the short run right around 9 minute pace. The intermediate run is supposed to be a pace run, so should be done at what pace I expect to be at on race day, I’m trying to make that a 9:30. The long run then is supposed to be conversation pace, so I’m trying to keep it 9:45 ish (depending on the heat that’s gotten closer to 10).  I can’t believe I’m already 1/3 way through!!! Woo to the Hoo!


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