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Week 7 – Being a girl

So I posted last week about owning the title ‘runner.’  It was a stronghold (you know those things that hold you down and prevent you from meeting your max potential as God intended). Well, I finally let that stronghold go and accepted my current athletic ability (instead of wishing/praying for faster) and that is when God gave me a big ol dose of freedom. I had my epiphany on Sunday during my 9 miler, took a rest day Monday and then Tuesday ran 7 miles in 59 minutes and 14 seconds. For those of you who don’t have a pace calculator handy, that is an 8:28 minute average. That happens to be ridiculously speedy for me, it’s a whole minute faster than what I have been running. Pure craziness that I was able to do that based on my recent run paces. Now, I will say, my last mile was 8:04 and I was very close to vomiting when I heard that lovely Endomondo voice tell me I’d reached my goal, but I did it. When I was so close to finishing 7 miles in under an hour, I wanted it and I was willing to vomit to get it. As I posted on Facebook, it was Awesomestinktasticness!

I had lunch with a friend this week and joked to her about ‘being a girl today.’ The evening prior to my lunch, hubs asked me about my schedule for the following day, I replied, “I have to go be a girl tomorrow.” Which meant, I was meeting a friend for lunch and then meeting with another friend after. I was going to talk and socialize and not have any kids with me, it was a purely me afternoon.  Working full-time from home and having a husband training for an Ironman doesn’t give you much time for playdates, lunch dates, pool days and just time in general for lady friends. I have friends, but I don’t happen to be a very good friend. This is a realization that I’m not proud of or boasting about, it just happens to be factual. I’m very independent (to my detriment) and don’t like to rely on others, which means I can cut ties pretty easily without much effect on my daily life. You can spin that and try to make it a positive attribute, but my Savior Jesus Christ was the very opposite. In his days on earth, he was warm, inviting, empathetic and wanted to touch as many lives as he could get his hands on. He spent his days with a group of 12 disciples and preaching to crowds. His only alone time was to pray. If he had a home during that time, I’m sure everyone he knew would have had a fridge pass. If I’m going to talk the Christian talk, then I need to walk the Christian walk. This starts with giving freely of my time, energy, possessions and myself. In James 4:17 it says,  “Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” Yep, guilty as charged, thanks James. I’m training for a marathon, starting a new virtual bible study via Hello Mornings (Inspired to Action), continue to be head cheerleader for the wonderful Mr. Jason Kaufman who will be competing in his first Ironman in one week AND will be friend extraordinaire! I have no doubt I will fall short, but I have now recognized my sin and to just say, ‘well that’s just my personality’ is self-fish to God. He sacrificed his Son, bought my freedom from sin with the ultimate price and to brush it off as ‘just my personality’ is shameful. My personality is ever changing (thankfully) as God works in me.

Week 8 will be taking us on the road to Louisville, I can’t wait!! Hubs has put 8 months into this training and I am so excited to watch him shine!!

Here as always is my workout week in review

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 7 miles in 59:14

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 4 miles in 35:28

Friday: 25 minute spin, then 20-30 minutes upper body weights

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 14 miles in 2 hours 15 mins (this run was so hard for me, mentally/physically I wasn’t there, it was very tough and I have never wanted to quit a run so much in my life. I was tempted to call Jason and ask him to come get me, but I knew I needed to overcome the mental meltdown I was experiencing. I did finish with run, with a few more walking breaks than what I’d like, but I still did the miles, WHEW!)


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One thought on “Week 7 – Being a girl

  1. Wow! Just wow! You are so fast Lisa! Unreal!

    I feel your pain about being a girl and not a very good friend. I’m learning to become a better friend…. I can go weeks without calling a friend…just texting..and that’s not okay, I need those girls in my life.

    Keep it up! I love reading about your progress!

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