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So I realize that redecorating is a far cry from describing my path to 26.2 miles, however…I’m not just a runner. I am a homemaker too and one of my very favorite things to do is redecorate. I especially love it when I can come up with DIY options that work out in the end. Here is what we have been working on this past week. Here are the before picture of Mia’s room. It’s a nice little space, but lacking character. I wanted more of a wow factor, something to catch your eye that would be a focal point. I got her butterfly mobile at Pottery Barn Kids and though I’d love to say I found it on clearance and got an amazing deal, I didn’t. I paid full price for that thing and a price that reflected PBK, so yes, YIKES. However, I do love her butterflies and it is often the one thing people comment on when they enter her room.

So, back to the DIY stuff… I had this great idea of an accent wall in her room with a shelf and crown molding. I took my idea to hubs and asked if he could build what was tucked away in my brain. So here is the before…


And now the after…

My photography skills are lacking, will need to bump that skill up a bit if I’m ever going to be a good blogger. But, I think the pics at least show the transformation. We painted her walls a light gray, with a darker shade of gray above the new shelf. We traded out the ceiling fan for a new light fixture (which I didn’t get a picture of). I used new and old frames to create her picture wall and had the boys help to make 2 canvas prints for beside her closet. They got to choose what picture/words they wanted. My 7yo came up with the ‘trust’ and crosses. He’s a powerful little dude!

With her room complete, I’m now moving on to the home office…

Happy Friday!





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