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Cheater, cheater, pumpkin-spice cookie eater

Week 14 has begun which means one more month until marathon day is here! Week 12 started out well as I was coming off a monster 18 miler that felt really good. I had a solid 5 mile run at an 8:23 pace, then a 4 mile at 8:52 pace. That 4 miler was supposed to be 5, but I made the mistake of not banging out the run first thing in the morning and the day started to get away from me. However, I had to shorten it by a mile because one of my greatest friends ever was in town visiting her sister who had just had a baby. She called and we made dinner plans, so running became secondary to seeing her. I came back with a vengeance though for my long run and managed to do my best time ever for a half-marathon, 1:55:13 (8:47 pace). I broke the 2 hour mark! I’d never done that before and it felt great.

Since things were going so well, I decided to change it all. Um, huh, what, why?!? I count my calories daily and every now and then, I stop. I let the calorie counting slide and eat a little less healthy. Most days, I try to eat 1400 calories as I am trying to still drop a few pounds of plumpness. Ideally, I’d like to drop a few more pounds of fat (10-ish) and work on building muscle. It’s really more about being comfortable with my body than the actual weight, looking more at body fat percentage than the scale. Not everyone needs to count calories to lose, but I have found that I do. I had hit a bit of a plateau in my weight loss and how do I power through…I just stop. I take a time-out and indulge a little. I wanted to start my indulging with a Pizza King pizza, but I curbed that because I knew I would feel horrible after, so I went to my sweet tooth. I love to bake, LOVE TO BAKE. We have neighbors 2 doors down that we swap a plate back and forth filled with goodies. This keeps either household from eating a whole batch of cookies and allows some recipe sharing. So, I spent week 13 eating a little more than I usually do. My short runs didn’t suffer, 5 miles at an 8:35 pace and another 5 at 8:39, but the long run was not as fortunate. I was supposed to run 19 miles on Saturday and had mentally checked out of that run about 5 days before it started. 19 miles is such an odd distance. It’s long, but not the longest training run. It’s an odd number which throws me off because you have to turn around at a half mile distance instead of a full mile marker (I don’t know why that bothers me, but it does. OCD in full swing). Since it was supposed to be 3 hours of running, I got up early to get it started. I left the house around 6am in the dark. I ran along a major road so I felt safe being out there alone and had my mace in hand. I got to see the sun come up over my church, which was a beautiful site. I didn’t pass a single runner until I hit 9 miles and had made it back to the Monon trail and then, of course, it was runners as far as the eye could see. I could turn south and run 6 more miles to make the math fit for a 19 mile finish at home, or I could turn north and just go home. North it was! The sun had come up and I was around  plenty of runners to inspire me to turn south, so why north? Well, I was just done. I passed the farmers market and instead of running for another hour, I wanted to go get my family and head back to pick up some veggies.  Also, oddly enough, when the sun came up, my hands got very cold. I had felt fine in the dark, but the sun rose and I started freezing. I had mentally checked out of running 19 miles and once my mental game was gone, the excuses rolled and I was heading home. I finished up at 13 miles total once I hit home. I got showered and we did head to the farmers market and I got an excellent haul. Including some of the best peanut butter I’ve ever had in my entire life (Big Dipper Peanut Butter, Trail Mix blend). I could have beat myself down for failing to complete the last 6 miles, but I took a different approach. I workout and eat well in an attempt to be fit and no matter how I sliced it, I could not convince myself that 13 miles of running was not good enough.

Some days (or a full week) you take a time out to enjoy a pumpkin spice cookie (or 2…ok it was 6 in about 60 seconds, but man they were good!)

Happy Monday to all!


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