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One more week…

This is it. The marathon is one week away. I ran my last long(er) run of 8 miles and tried to just make it an easy run. I kept telling my self to slow down, make it an easy 8 miles. That phrase I repeated frequently, easy 8 miles. I finished with a 9:06 pace, which is well below my marathon goal pace of 9:30. The run felt good, the same nagging hip pain that’s bothered me the past month or so, but nothing that bad. I have this final week to rest and run very low mileage. So, how am I feeling, am I ready?

I guess I’ll be able to answer that question next Saturday night. I find I’m questioning everything about my training, did I do enough, should I have run more, run faster. Why wasn’t I disciplined enough to just complete the entire training program as it is outlined? Am I going to have to, (gasp)…..walk?!? All that questioning and all that doubt, that’s why I’m doing a marathon. Satan loves to sit and stew in my insecurity, evil little pot stirrer. It’s ok that those questions come up, but my response is what really counts. Do I let them infiltrate my spirit for the next week or do I cast them aside and get back to living? I choose to trash them, doubt/fear pops up and I’m plucking it out of my brain and leaving more room for other thoughts, thoughts that are more worth my time.

I’m excited for the race to be here and to actually run 26.2 miles. I’m already thinking about the next great goal, hmmm…..what will it be?


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One thought on “One more week…

  1. Lisa Hatzell on said:

    Good Luck Wilson! You go Momma!

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