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To Paleo or not to Paleo

Most people start their diet/exercise resolutions on January 1st. This sounds wonderful to my OCD/over-organizing brain as it gives a nice clean start date. However, I didn’t do that this year. I had registered for a scrapbooking event that is the first weekend in January and you don’t have control over the food at this place and I wanted to just have one last hurrah, so I decided to start after that weekend. Thus, January 7th became the ‘new-me-day.’  I am new to Crossfit and have been working out with a friend and her trainer husband three days a week. Well, if you know much about Crossfit, you soon learn more about the Paleo diet. Those Crossfitters love Paleo as much as they love Crossfit. I read a lot, reviewed a lot, read more and then decided that I would just try it for a month. For the month of January (starting on 1/7), I’ll be on a Paleo diet. It’s all new to me and frankly I think I’m on a Paleo diet, but there are a lot of do’s/don’ts to this plan, so I may have accidentally eaten something forbidden (gasp).

Why go Paloe, well here are some of the benefits they claim:

-reverse diabetes

-feel younger

-lower blood pressure

-lower blood glucose

-get off prescription medications

-have less pain

-have more energy

-lose weight

-gain muscle

-have better digestion

-have beautiful skin

-go through life with a clearer head

The first six don’t really apply to me or my goals, but the last six are right up my alley. Now, I don’t really struggle with my digestion or low energy or a foggy head, but who doesn’t want to improve on those things. I will be a big supporter of Paleo if I do end up changing my  body composition (less fat, more muscle) and if my skin clears up! Going through my 30’s has been as damaging to my skin as my teen years, YIKES!

I didn’t take my measurements, so won’t be able to tell how may inches I will have (hopefully) lost, nor did I do a fit test. You’re supposed to do a series of exercises before and after so you can check your progress. I did check my weight because that was the simplest of the before/after tasks and everything else from there will just be judged on how I feel. My pre-weight on Monday 1/7/13 morning was 136 lbs. Yes, I had packed on a few pounds over the holidays and yes I was ok with that, knowing I would be coming back strong.

It’s only day 4 on this Paleo plan and so far so good, however, it’s only day 4. I also started my training for the Sam Costa quarter marathon this week. Most running plans call for 3 days of running, but I’m going to make yet another change and only do 2. I’m going to do one interval run and one tempo (race pace) run and the other 3 days I’ll do Crossfit. I’ll also maybe toss in a weekly yoga class. We’ll see if this type of schedule works. If it does, I’ll do something similar for the mini in May, if it bombs, then I’ll revert back to 2 short runs and 1 long run.

If anyone is interested in what Paleo looks like, here’s what it has looked like to me so far…


Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 1 turkey sausage

Snack: 1 banana with 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (make a smoothie in blender)

Lunch: 1 cup bell peppers, 4oz chicken breast

Snack: 2 slices of bacon (it was leftover and we were cleaning out the fridge)

Dinner: brussel sprouts (17.5 to be exact, I know, dont’ mock me)

Snack: 1 banana with 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (make a smoothie in blender)



Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg

Snack: 1 banana with 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (make a smoothie in blender)

Lunch: 3 oz salmon, 1 tomato

Dinner: 6 oz tilapia with mango/avocado/tomato salsa

Snack: 1 banana with 2 TBSP almond butter



Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg, 2 turkey sausage

Snack: 1 banana with 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (make a smoothie in blender)

Lunch: brussel sprouts and 4 oz salmon

Snack: apple

Dinner: 4 oz chicken with mango/avocado/tomato salsa

Snack: 2 TBSP almond butter


Now, I am working on weight loss, so I am watching my calories and yes I was way too low on calories on Monday and was even short again on Tuesday. This is not my goal, I’m not trying to starve myself, it’s a learning curve and I’m learning.


2013, the year of the goals

I’m not a fan of New Years Resolutions, never have been. They seem to be something more you say you’ll do, but never have any intention of keeping or working towards. However, as I’m looking into 2013, I’m resolving to do A LOT. I’m calling 2013, the year of the goals. (I feel that should be said with a very dramatic voice and loud, thundering music, makes it much more impressive.) Without further ado, here are the goals for 2013….

-Run the Sam Costa quarter marathon (March) in 54 minutes

-Run the MiniMarathon (May) in under 2 hours (my previous mini time was 2:12 and monumental half time was 2:07)

-Complete the Muncie Half Ironman (July)

-Drop 10 lbs

-Stop biting my nails entirely (I have 7 out of 10 grown out)

-Read 12 books (One a month)

-Wake up at 6am (daily) to read God’s word

Overall, on 1/1/14, I want to look back and be better then, than I am today and I think these physical and spiritual health goals will get me there. I have a whole other list of to do’s that I hope to get done in 2013, but I’m going to focus on these goals to get my year started.

It sounds fun already!

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