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2013, the year of the goals

I’m not a fan of New Years Resolutions, never have been. They seem to be something more you say you’ll do, but never have any intention of keeping or working towards. However, as I’m looking into 2013, I’m resolving to do A LOT. I’m calling 2013, the year of the goals. (I feel that should be said with a very dramatic voice and loud, thundering music, makes it much more impressive.) Without further ado, here are the goals for 2013….

-Run the Sam Costa quarter marathon (March) in 54 minutes

-Run the MiniMarathon (May) in under 2 hours (my previous mini time was 2:12 and monumental half time was 2:07)

-Complete the Muncie Half Ironman (July)

-Drop 10 lbs

-Stop biting my nails entirely (I have 7 out of 10 grown out)

-Read 12 books (One a month)

-Wake up at 6am (daily) to read God’s word

Overall, on 1/1/14, I want to look back and be better then, than I am today and I think these physical and spiritual health goals will get me there. I have a whole other list of to do’s that I hope to get done in 2013, but I’m going to focus on these goals to get my year started.

It sounds fun already!


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