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Day 1 to my first Half Ironman

Today is the first day of my half Ironman training. It’s a 20 week training program, starting today (2/25) and ending July 13. I got my training plan from the sports community I’m part of (JCL Sports) and am looking really forward to see how I’ll do over the next 5 months.

I must say though, I started out a little rough. Saturday morning, my oldest woke me up saying he didn’t feel well, he proved this when he proceeded to empty his stomach all over the bathroom. This all happened before 7 am, fortunately, he was feeling better the rest of the day, but the GI bug had been released into our home. Despite my best efforts (aka spraying Lysol on everything), the bug won and found its way into my immune system. By noon Saturday, I wanted to curl up in a ball, the day got worse and worse and I spent all day Saturday and Sunday in bed feeling miserable. It’s Monday though and day 1 of my training. The good news is that Monday’s are the only full rest day on the calendar each week. This provides great recovery for me since this is the first day I’ve been vertical in 2 days.

The training plan covers my physical activity, but food is just as much a part of this training, so I’m going to try very hard to enter all my food over the next 20 weeks in my fitness pal.  I’ve used this app off/on for the past couple years and it has helped me with some weight loss and in just making better food choices. Since most restaurants don’t list calories on their menu, I can enter a food in my fitness pal and then better decide which is the healthier choice. My hope is this will help me to be more conscious of my food choices and choose the best fuel for my body.

We are about to enter a busy season in life, so planning and preparation are going to be key to my physical/mental/spiritual health over the next few months. Jason starts a new job next week which is exciting for our family, but it will take him away from the home during those work hours. It will be a transition for all of us, but we will work through it, as we feel this job will be a great fit for our family. I’m continuing with my morning bible study (via The Hello Mornings Challenge), reading The Story with our church, and continuing with my own little book of the month club and reading one book a month. This month’s read is Made to Crave and I’m only halfway through, better step up my game! Hubs starts his Ironman training soon (for Ironman Florida), Lewis starts his first season of baseball, Sam will be registering for kindergarten for the fall and doodlebug is just a busy little BEAST! (She is by far our busiest child, a whole blog could be created on the adventures of raising that fantastic little girl.)

But, I am thankful for the busy, thankful for the crumbs, thankful for the mess, thankful for the serving, thankful for the family, thankful for my health. Nothing like being in bed for 2 days to REALLY help you appreciate health and wellness, I cannot wait for my next run/bike/swim/crossfitWOD as it will remind me that God has given me the gift of health. I don’t want to abuse or misuse or take it for granted, it’s a gift.

Let the adventure begin….


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3 thoughts on “Day 1 to my first Half Ironman

  1. Hey Lisa! I’m wondering about your training plan and if it’s available to use for free or something that has to be purchased? My entire last year was mostly devoted to crossfit, and now due to a new budget in our family, I’ve had to cut-out that very costly hobby. I’m interested in doing another race this year. It’s been since before I had Khloe that I ran a couple mini-marathons and completed a triathlon. I’m just looking for another challange! 🙂

    • You have to be a member of JCL Sports in order to get any of the training plans. If you are a member, there are some free ones and some you can purchase. I’ve also had some luck just doing a search for free training plans and found some good ones. Hal Higdons are free and good for running and beginner triathlete has some free tri plans. Good luck in whatever you choose, i’m sad for you that you’re away from CF:( It was obvious how much you loved it, hopefully you can find another form of fitness to fill that void!

  2. Lisa I am so excited for you to start this journey. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I am cheering you on the whole way friend!

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