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Recovery Week = Week 4

I’m finding it a little hard to believe I’ve already completed 4 weeks of training. It kinda flew, like a streamin jet liner, super fast. (insert airline knowledge here about a very fast, super cool plane that will make that sentence sound better). Most training plans build in recovery weeks every 4th week. Your recovery week still has you working out, it’s just less distance/time and/or intensity. Then you build again for the next 3 weeks, then recover, then build, then recover…I think you get the picture.

This week I changed things up, yet again, as I had signed up to run the Sam Costa quarter marathon on Saturday 3/23. I was supposed to swim and run on Friday, bike 90 mins Saturday and then swim/run on Sunday. Since I knew I was running Saturday am, I wanted to rest up so I could really get after this run if I felt good. So I took Friday off, didn’t workout at all. I was a big skipper, skipped the run, skipped the swim, skippity do da day. This paid off as I was able to run the quarter marathon (6.5 miles) in 54:44, an 8:22 pace. My goal I had announced awhile ago was to complete it in 54 minutes (an 8:20 pace). I was close, 44 seconds of closeness. I thought I had it, my running app (Endomondo), had me running 8:17, 8:21, 8:15, 8:22, 8:15, 8:13, that’s 49:43, that gave me 4 minutes and 17 seconds to run half a mile. I totally thought I had my 54 minute goal, but, the final results showed a 54:44. That put me 4th in my age group (35-39) and 14th of all females for the quarter.

I should be very pleased with this considering I hadn’t really been training for this run, I had simply been following my training plan for the IM. But, as much as I said I was happy with it, I wasn’t. The nastiness of doubt and ridicule and comparison found its way into my brain and next I was left with feeling less than. I find comparison to be one of the most frequent offenders on self confidence. I feel great about something until I find out someone else did it better, faster, prettier, smarter, cheaper, etc. What a waste! I don’t need to bother to compare myself to anyone because I KNOW there is someone out there who does it better, faster, prettier, smarter, cheaper. I KNOW I will always feel less than if my measuring stick is earthly accomplishment. I must overcome this battle as I have a baby girl that emulates my every move and this is one move I don’t want to ever see mirrored back. CONFIDENCE in Christ, CONFIDENCE that my best is good enough, CONFIDENCE that any earthly trophies will pass/perish. So thankful life is not pass/fail. Second chances abounding from a God that loves me and sees me as I am, perfectly flawed.


Week 3 gone, on to 4

Week 3 flew by, week 4 has begun and I feel good. It has worked to switch my long run/swim to Monday, though they are more longish as I still run out of time in the am hours to get it all done. For example, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill (45 mins), then swam 1000 yards + a warm up (30 mins), that, (plus changing time) took up the 90 mins I allow myself in the morning. I was supposed to run 60 mins and swim 1500 yards + a 300 warm-up and cool down. But, my goal (along with finishing this 1/2 IM), is to maintain balance. Being home at 6:30am so I can make my husband breakfast, have his coffee prepped, see him off to work and then greet my kids when they wake, do my bible study and shower before my baby girl wakes. That’s my balance.

2 main events in week 3

1. After my swim Friday, I came home and tried to start reading my bible study, I had this weird light/haze in my vision in both eyes. I talked with hubs about it and we determined I maybe had my goggles too tight. I have issues with leaking goggles and I really pressed those suckers on there and apparently may have pressed a little too hard and messed with my eye pressure. It resolved after about 30-45 minutes and hasn’t happened again since. Though as he left for work, I did tell him I loved him and gave him a big hug, just in case this was the early signs of my stroke. As I said though, all is well and lesson learned. Score 1 goggle:/

2. I ran 5 miles on the treadmill! This was a tremendous accomplishment for me. I have trouble zoning out and just running when I’m on a treadmill. Any distance over 3 miles on a treadmill  is just painful and long and I just don’t like it. I need the outdoors, I need to pass things, it breathes life into my runs to be outside. So, the fact that I went 5 miles on the treadmill, spinning in my little hamster wheel, HUGE accomplishment.  Score 1 Lisa!

Short post this week, but, um, did you just read how busy my life is:)

Week 2, what’s my goal?

Week 2 is almost in the books. Here are the consequences (good and bad) of training for this tri.

1. Every shower smells like chlorine. Whether I’ve swam on that day or not, as soon as water hits my hair, the smell of chlorine fills the shower.

2. I fell asleep in the car on the way home on date night. It was past 10pm and that’s my time to go ni-night. Sorry babe!

3. My laundry has increased. I do 2 loads of laundry every day (except Sunday), that seems like a lot for a family of 5, maybe not though…

4. My bible study time has suffered as it seems the kids are up a little earlier and hubs is now up early, so my quiet time is not so quiet.

5. I’ve met a lot of new people. Triathletes are kinds like parrotheads, they are their own interesting breed of people.

6. I’m eating a lot (especially on swim days) and don’t seem to be gaining weight, this is both good and bad.

I continue to battle the clock (not as in my speed during a workout, but as in finding time to complete the workout). I’ve gotten into a decent routine of waking up at 4:30 on Tu-Fr. This allows me to get to be the gym and be working out at 5am. After a bike or swim/run combo, I’m then able to get back home by 6:30-6:45 to do my bible study and chat with hubs before he leaves for work. I’m also squeezing in some crossfit 2-3 days/week as my strength training and that typically takes place in the evenings on Tu/Th/Su. I’m going to change this up a bit, as I’m going to move my long run/swim from Sunday to Monday. I’m missing too much family time on Sunday and could instead trade that out and get that workout done on Monday morning when the fam is still in bed. This will cause me to have to shorten the run a bit, but until the weather is warmer and I venture outside for a 6am job, this will have to do.

Yes it sounds like a lot and yes it kinda is. I was talking with hubs (ok, let’s call it what it was, i was griping) about not feeling like I was going to get all I could out of this since I’m not completing each workout in its entirety. His response, ‘well, what’s your goal? You said before it was just to finish.’ He spoke kindly and with patience, as he always does, and reminded me that I’m not here to win this thing. I took on this venture as a way to challenge myself and keep my workouts interesting. This week I started to let it get stressful and that is so not the point! I let it bother me that I didn’t complete the full workout (ie I dropped a portion of the swim or 10 mins off a run). I was overly concerned with how that would affect my performance race day. That over concern was taking the joy out of this process. I can train to finish in 5 hours (insert laughter here), or I can train to finish. In this season of my life, I’ve got a lot going on. And the things I choose to do should not give me stress, but joy. There will be plenty of things given to me in this life to stress me out, but this 1/2 IM will not be one of them. At least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself over the next 18 weeks…

One week down, 19 to go!

I made it through my fist week! One down, 19 to go, YIPEE! The next 19 weeks, will look pretty similar to this past week.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Bike

Wednesday – Swim and Run

Thursday – Bike

Friday – Swim and Run

Saturday – Long Bike

Sunday – Long Swim and Run

That will pretty much be my workout life for the next 19 weeks, so I’m going to use these first few weeks to work on my planning skills. The run, my favorite part is the one that suffered most this last week. Wednesdays run was supposed to be 40 mins, I only did 30. Fridays run was supposed to be 40 mins, I only did 20. Sundays run was supposed to be 55 mins and I did not even run. I did do a crossfit workout, but it’s still not a run. Time was not on my side, I was racing against a 24 hour clock and I lost, so I squeezed in what I could and got on with the rest. A stomach bug ravaged 60% of our house (Lewis, Me, Sam), another 20% (Mia) got a raging cold and to top it off, the dog had an abscessed tooth extracted, so she’s needing some extra attention too. I have to be a mom/wife first and then this workout stuff comes later, so my actual completed training time reflected that and that’s ok.

This training did finally get me back into the pool. It had been 3, or was it 4, or maybe 5 months since my last swim. I was pleasantly surprised by my return. I had half feared I wouldn’t be able to make it 100 yards without gasping for air, but the stroke came back easily and it was like I had never taken any time off. I wasn’t fast before, so my turtle pace was right on target. I had 3 swims this week with the long one being Sunday at 1800m total (that included a 300 warm-up and 300 cool down). It felt good. I had borrowed hubs goggles, because mine were leaking and destroying my eyeballs. His worked much better and I plan to continue to borrow them for as long as he lets me. The am spin classes work well time wise. It’s just figuring out the run! I’m confident once the weather improves and we start gaining more daylight hours, I’ll work them in much easier.

My big realization for the week, this is going to be tough. I’m not talking about the workouts. I didn’t mind my 2 hour spin class, or the 45 minute swim, I’m talking about finding TIME for the workouts. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy the workouts themselves. The big problem that will plague the next 19 weeks is time. I can’t seem to find enough of it in each day. This will be a balancing act that I’m quite sure will not be balanced most weeks. It will not deter me though. As long as I can remain a servant to God, Jason can continue to say he’s ‘happily married’, and my kids are fed/dressed/mostly clean and know who I am, then this will all work.


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