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One week down, 19 to go!

I made it through my fist week! One down, 19 to go, YIPEE! The next 19 weeks, will look pretty similar to this past week.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Bike

Wednesday – Swim and Run

Thursday – Bike

Friday – Swim and Run

Saturday – Long Bike

Sunday – Long Swim and Run

That will pretty much be my workout life for the next 19 weeks, so I’m going to use these first few weeks to work on my planning skills. The run, my favorite part is the one that suffered most this last week. Wednesdays run was supposed to be 40 mins, I only did 30. Fridays run was supposed to be 40 mins, I only did 20. Sundays run was supposed to be 55 mins and I did not even run. I did do a crossfit workout, but it’s still not a run. Time was not on my side, I was racing against a 24 hour clock and I lost, so I squeezed in what I could and got on with the rest. A stomach bug ravaged 60% of our house (Lewis, Me, Sam), another 20% (Mia) got a raging cold and to top it off, the dog had an abscessed tooth extracted, so she’s needing some extra attention too. I have to be a mom/wife first and then this workout stuff comes later, so my actual completed training time reflected that and that’s ok.

This training did finally get me back into the pool. It had been 3, or was it 4, or maybe 5 months since my last swim. I was pleasantly surprised by my return. I had half feared I wouldn’t be able to make it 100 yards without gasping for air, but the stroke came back easily and it was like I had never taken any time off. I wasn’t fast before, so my turtle pace was right on target. I had 3 swims this week with the long one being Sunday at 1800m total (that included a 300 warm-up and 300 cool down). It felt good. I had borrowed hubs goggles, because mine were leaking and destroying my eyeballs. His worked much better and I plan to continue to borrow them for as long as he lets me. The am spin classes work well time wise. It’s just figuring out the run! I’m confident once the weather improves and we start gaining more daylight hours, I’ll work them in much easier.

My big realization for the week, this is going to be tough. I’m not talking about the workouts. I didn’t mind my 2 hour spin class, or the 45 minute swim, I’m talking about finding TIME for the workouts. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy the workouts themselves. The big problem that will plague the next 19 weeks is time. I can’t seem to find enough of it in each day. This will be a balancing act that I’m quite sure will not be balanced most weeks. It will not deter me though. As long as I can remain a servant to God, Jason can continue to say he’s ‘happily married’, and my kids are fed/dressed/mostly clean and know who I am, then this will all work.



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