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Week 5 and 6

I missed posting about week 5, I think because there were no real epiphanies. Just another week of swim, bike, run and repeat. My friend/crossfit partner was on vacation last week so there was no strength training. I surely paid for that when she returned and we had a workout last Sunday evening that left me sore for about 4 days. I wasn’t feeling the soreness yet on Monday, so went ahead and did a 60 minute treadmill run and by Monday afternoon my legs were aching! The combination of back squats the day before and then a nice long treadmill run left me so, so sore. This soreness continued into Tuesdays bike and slowly faded away as the week went on.

My swim has felt very comfortable, though I know pool to open water doesn’t translate well for me. But to at least be comfortable now is a success. I find myself often thinking, ‘just keep swimming, just keep swimming’. You know like Dory from little Nemo, it repeats over and over in my head as I go back and forth and back and forth. It’s a happy little distraction and I love distractions while working out. On the treadmill I got stuck in front of the infomercial TV and could not connect with the make-up they were selling, so I opted to people watch. 5am gym people need to step up their game, they lacked an entertainment quality for me. Need to work on a new playlist and now that the weather is warming up, plan to hit the pavement in the evening hours instead of the am treadmill.

I was flying solo on the homefront this weekend as hubs was at a Tricamp in Ohio (Braveheart Bootcamp with Lesley Patterson). I SO wish I could have been there with him, it would have been fun. But, we are leaving on vacation in about 10 days sans kids and gma is taking the reigns, so didn’t want to leave the kids this weekend too. The weather is beautiful today, so hubs is making the 5 hour drive home with the jeep top off and soaking up the sun. Looking forward to having my partner back! Plan to hit the park when Mia’s done napping and then will do a crosffit workout later once my man returns home. This is supposed to be my rest day, but I’ve gotten to the place where I don’t like to take a rest day. I try to listen to my body and when it taps out, I listen (well, I try to listen, sometimes ignore, pay for it later and then listen).

I checked my body fat at the gym last week (with the little handheld machine thing) and it said 21%. I wasn’t actually sure if that was good or not until I came home and googled body fat percentages. Should be interesting to check it again in 3 months and see if it’s changed.

Week 7 starts tomorrow, only 13 more weeks until raceday!


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