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I run because I can

So apparently these weeks are a blur for me as they are blending one into the other and I’m failing at my weekly blogging. I’m on week 8 of my training program, I only know that because I looked at my training peaks calendar to see what it said. I’m not really tracking my weeks or how many more until the race, just too busy right now. So, sorry to those of you fascinated with my life and searching relentlessly for an update to my blog, oh wait, there aren’t any because you’re too busy out living yours right?!? Anyway, I feel compelled to blog this week about working out, specifically running. I had my long swim/run on Monday and I swam a mile (in the am) and ran 7 miles (in the pm, in the rain, it was gorgeous). As I run, and feel a bit of pain that comes with a good run, I find myself thinking, I run because I can. Because I have toes, feet, legs that have the ability to carry me. It would seem a disservice if I didn’t move this body. Not everyone has the physical or mental health to be able to exercise. Most of us do, most of us can, many of us just choose not to.

The Boston Marathon bombing has left multiple people with traumatic amputations, previously healthy people who now have to adapt to life missing a part of their former self. My heart grieves for those lives lost, those injured, those with mental scars from the events of that day. Reality just changed for them. My prayers were for people to lift their sorrow, anger, confusion, love, pain to God. To the One that can offer healing, peace in a world that is fallen.

It gives me even more reason to run. I run because I can, it’s that simple. I want to keep running as long as my body can carry me, because I can, because I owe it to those that can’t.


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