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Where has the time gone?!?

You know how there is hurricane season and tornado season, well this is busy season for the Kaufman household. Jason started a new job in March, this blew our routine out of the water. No worries though, we established a new routine, however then came changes at work. Training on a new system for 2 weeks, meant I was glued to my computer/headset. Boy was that challenging. I have a lot of freedom in my job and it’s very flexible and this took all that away. The same week this training started for me, Jason moved to start working from home. Which is a big YEA, however it again blew our routine up. We both realize this is a busy season, mostly just a busy month or 2 and it will calm back down as things stop changing. I had a realization while on a run the other day that this is not sustainable for us.  Jason and I both recognize this is too busy for us, it’s not sustainable. This would be a trap for our marriage if things continued down this path. If we stayed at this level of busy, we would wake up strangers one day and that is not an option! My attempt at balance is to cut some things off the short list. The short list includes the ‘have to’ things in life and everything else gets pushed back. I have to work, have to feed my kids, have to tend to their needs. I choose to train for an event that is now 2 months away (yikes!). I choose to sleep less, sweep less, let the kitchen dishes pile, not get a haircut (yikes again), have dirty windows, unfinished house projects, the list goes on and on.  I’m not upset about the piles or dirt or even complaining about them. The piles mean I spent that time in a tickle fight with my kids, or sitting on the back porch with my husband drinking coffee, or blowing bubbles to a 2yo that thinks they are the funnest thing in the world.

So, enough about being busy and all the reasons it stinks! I have put in almost a month of training since my last post, I’m on week 11 now, which means next week is a recovery week. That should buy me about 15 mins extra each day, WOOHOO! We head to our first tri even next weekend, to Pokagon for Jason to compete. Should be fun, we are spending the night at the park Inn along with some friends and plan to hit up the park for some outdoor fun after he rocks it.

My training feels like I am starting over. I got a chest cold, which I’m pretty confident was bronchitis and did almost nothing for a week. I did a crossfit workout on Sunday, that evening felt rough and didn’t sleep well and was hacking my lungs up for the next 8-10 days. It wasn’t pretty. I tried to run and coughed so much I thought I might pop a lung. So, I rested and coughed and rested and coughed a little less and rested some more and finally got back to it this week. My times are slow and I haven’t re-entered the pool yet, plan to on Monday. I had such a bad first run back earlier this week that I caught myself thinking, ‘if I break something (ie a bone in my body) then I can stop running and put myself out of this misery.’ Yes, you read that right, I was wishing a fracture on myself in order to stop the physical and mental agony of a bad run. And to top it off, I was only running 3 miles! That’s how much this illness sucked the health right out of me. But my next run was 4.5 miles and felt much better and no coughing was involved. Just to be clear, I didn’t pray for a fracture, I was hurting, but it wasn’t a true wish for physical harm to come my way.

The busy, the pain are the bad parts of training…what are the good?

I’m loving that it’s light enough at 6am to go for a run and not be in the dark. It’s peaceful and calm and beautiful in the early morning and I wouldn’t be running then if I didn’t have a goal.

I’m loving the new friends I’ve met throughout this process and look forward to encouraging each of them in their upcoming events.

I’m loving that tri season is upon us and I get to start cheering on friends I haven’t seen all winter long.

I’m loving that I can finally understand some of the lingo hubs uses.

I’m loving my new Brooks running shoes which will hopefully see me through this summer.


That’s all I got for now, need to escape to the great outdoors.


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