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Pokagon State Park Sprint: BOOM


This weekend brought my first Sprint tri of the season (and only the second triathlon of my life). It was the Pokagon State Park Sprint Triathlon on Lake James. I am now a big fan of Pokagon State Park, WOW is that place awesome. For a girl who grew up camping at Turkey Run and a hubs that grew up boating at Racoon Lake, this state park combines the best of both worlds. It has water, beach, trails, pure beauty and will be visited again by the Kaufman crew!

However, back to the tri…I finished first in my age group, WOOHOO! Now, for full disclosure, there were only 4 women in my age group, but first is first so I’ll take it! There were a total of 55 participants in the sprint and I finished 27th overall, nice and solid in the middle. The swim was 750 meters and it took me 14:02. That’s pretty slow, however it was mostly breaststroke, so really that’s pretty good. Though I still haven’t conquered an open water swim and been able to freestyle the whole thing, I’m counting that swim as a win because it was an improvement. I didn’t have water panic. This is only my 3rd open water swim, but it’s the first time I wasn’t overcome with a significant panic. As I entered the water, I prayed that God would replace my fear with his unwavering Spirit and He did. He is ever faithful and removed the fear.

The bike was REALLY FUN. Apparently I love rolling hills because that’s what this course was and it was awesome! I normally don’t really enjoy biking, but it was my favorite part of the course. Averaged 16.9 (42:30 total time), which is ok, felt like I was doing much faster than that, but whatevs. I came in before Jason was expecting me, so that at least felt good to surprise him.

Then came the trail run, 3.1 miles int he park. It was T.O.U.G.H. I enjoy running, it’s usually my favorite part, but this run whipped my tail. 3.1 miles of what felt like hills, hills, and more hills. The downhills didn’t even really feel good because you were so tired from just running up that form was out the window and I likely looked like a toddler coming down. Despite the toughness, I still managed to pull a 27:44 run, which was an 8:57 average.

I ranked 36th/55 on the swim, 26th/55 on the bike and 17/55 on the run. I think we can all see where my weakness lies. Plus my first transition was 3:15! I don’t remember camping out there, but apparently I did. I’m going to blame part of it on the wetsuit, trying to get out of that thing is a workout in and of itself.  My total time was 1:29 which I guess is ok. The female winner got 1:16, so if I’m shooting to be numero uno, I’ve got some work to do.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the beach, letting the kids play in the water, taking in a trail, eating at the Inn and then headed home. Great family time!


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