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One Month Out – Priceless

July 13th is Muncie 70.3, today is June 13th, so the countdown is on. One more month until I put my training and preparation to the test. There have been days I have given 100% and days I eeked out 2%. The good, the bad, the ugly will all come out on race day. When I decided to do this event, I said my goal was to just finish. That was a little bit of a fib, well ok a flat-out lie. I don’t want to just finish, I want to do well. I want to have a time that is impressive and makes me feel empowered. I want to be in beast mode for all 6+ hours of this event. The problem with this mentality is that it can cause me to rely on earthly opinions. It causes me to want to impress others and therefore find my worth/value and satisfaction in what those same others think/say about my race day results. When the truth is, I already have my value and worth assigned. Years ago, I was bought at a price by a Savior on a wooden cross.

I temper my need/want for earthy approval by reminding myself that HE deserves the glory. HE is what strengthens me and allows my body to thrive. HE is who I will pray to and talk to during the entire event. HE has been my training partner. HE has completed every Ironman, Half Ironman, every step, every thought, everyday for all days.  HE is priceless in my life and I look forward to completing this event in one month with God above watching over, the Holy Spirit washing away my fear and Jesus carrying me to the finish line.


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