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Why Tri?

It’s 4th of July, 9 days out from IM Muncie. The work is done at this point, I’m really just focusing on listening to my body and not getting injured/sick! Threats are abounding though as I have 3 sick kids and 1 sick husband in the house. The dog, cat and I seem to be the only ones who aren’t coughing, snotty, and have eyes matted shut. I am prayerful my body does not catch what the fam is tossing around, but either way, I will be racing. God has blessed me in my training to this point, eliminated my fears along the way and been ever faithful to me. Glory will be to Him on race day regardless of the results.

I’ve been asked a few times, what made/prompted me to sign up for Muncie. My story is fairly simple. I had my third child 2 years ago and needed (wanted) to get in shape. I started to train with a friend for a half marathon and finished it when my daughter was just 5 months old. After that, I continued running, and running, and running. I needed another goal, so I signed up for a marathon (go big right?!?). During that training, I completed my first triathlon (Sprint distance) at Eagle Creek. After the marathon, I needed another goal and IM Muncie came to mind. How/why did I jump into triathlon if running was my base? Well, my hubs did them when we first got married. He found a renewed interest for triathlon again over the past couple years and completed his first full IM in August of 2012. Once I had a solid routine of working out (through running), I was ready to explore other sports/events to challenge myself. Triathlon seemed like a perfect fit. I figured I should at least try to do this very thing my hubs was so passionate about. If it was that interesting to him, then it needed to be part of my life too. By attempting the sport, I was able to speak his lingo, understand the costs better (and wow can there be cost!), and be better engaged in his conversations about his swim/bike/run.

Just last month we completed a triathlon together. And by together, I mean we both signed up for the same race. He finished well before me and I only saw him once on the course, but we were in it together. Packing our gear the night before, chatting while setting up in transition, and checking results afterwards. It was cool to be part of his world, the world I had only been a spectator in before.


Another fantastic thing about this sport is the people you meet. Triathletes are a bit like Jimmy Buffett fans, they are their own breed……

Hubs and I joined a sports community, JCL Sports, and through it, we have met amazing people. They have become friends, training partners, and cheerleaders. Imagine a group that encourages you, meets you for early morning swims/bikes/runs, cheers for you at events, and celebrates with you at the finish line. Why tri? Um, why not?!?


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